Our Bespoke service is at the very top of everything we provide, being the most luxurious service in the tailoring industry. We take all of the necessary body measurements of our customer, and begin crafting the perfect piece for him/her. During the process, the customer may try on the unfinished product to ensure that the piece is coming together without flaw. With a custom-fitted suit, our customers will not have to worry of common problems that occur, such as wrinkles, restrictions in movement, and other issues common in ready-to-wear suits.

The reason why Bespoke is the most luxurious service behind tailoring is that it’s 100% hand tailored by expert tailors. Averagely, it takes up to 70 to 90 hours to work and finish a suit. Even the buttonholes are sewed by hand with absolutely no machine involvement during the tailoring process.

What makes Bespoke the most luxurious service? The tailoring is completed 100% by hand by expert tailors who have been in the profession for decades. On average, it takes around 70-90 hours of work to craft a custom-fitted suit by hand. Even the smallest details, such as buttonholes, are sewn by hand with no machine involvement whatsoever.